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What Makes Us Unique

Empower Clean was founded on the simple premise that every exchange we make, creates a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties. Taking personal responsibility for our clients' satisfaction is second nature for our agents, because each of us has a personal stake in the business, and its prosperity.

Every member of our team participates in a profit sharing program, which incentivizes meticulous, efficient work, and a high quality product, as our first priority.

We are ALL owners, and we recognize that our success lies in your satisfaction.

Come experience the difference of an empowered team, and an empowered environment.

Our Services

+ With a range of packages to suit any residential or commercial cleaning                 requirement, choose the level of clean that's right for your home or office.

+ Refer a new client and receive $20 toward your next clean!

+ Pre-purchase 3 visits upon completion of your first clean,

and receive an automatic 10% off!

+ Pre-purchase 6 visits and receive 20% off!


+ 100% Make it right guarantee! We will make arrangements to return within 24

hours, and fulfill every written promise, or negotiate a fair resolution.

+Try our line of all organic

cleaning products for an additional 20%!

Standard Clean

Affordable Weekly or Bi-Weekly Service

Standard Clean
10 Cents / Sq. Ft.


This package applies to booking a set of weekly or bi-weekly services,
after we have performed one of our First Time, or Move In cleans.
Exceptions made for environments that have been recently, professionally cleaned.

Package Includes:

Whole House / Office:
+ Dust all ceiling fans, lighting, air vents, crown molding, baseboards, shelves, trinkets,
furniture, window sills and blinds, appliances, tops and fronts of books, and under all
surface items within weight and liability limit
*********** (items over $100 in value or 50lbs will not be moved) ***********
+ Remove trash, and replace liners when provided
+ Shakeout or vacuum/mop all carpets, vinyl mats, and rugs
+ Disinfect doorknobs and light switches
+ Tidy and straighten possessions, within reason
+ Replace linens (towels, bath mats, sheets, etc.) when provided
+ Fluff and tidy all couch and bed pillows
+ Vacuum and Mop exposed floors, and under beds and furniture when accessible,
or moveable within 50 lbs

+ Disinfect cabinet fronts and handles, under items up to one layer deep on counter tops
and exposed shelves, all sinks, back splashes and tables, inside the microwave, top
and front of the stove, front of the hood, front of the refrigerator, dishwasher, and
exteriors of all other appliances

+ Disinfect sinks, toilets, cabinet fronts, underneath items on counters and shelves,
tubs, shower pans, shower doors, and tile surfaces
+ Intermittent deep scouring/glass treatment on soap scum build up, and grout stains

First Time Clean / Deep Clean

Restore and Revitalize Your Environment

First Time Clean / Deep Clean
20 Cents / Sq. Ft.

Our premiere service, whether you are beginning new cleaning care in your long time home or office, or you’ve just moved somewhere new, let our agents support your empowered environment, by removing smudges, grime, and stains from every trafficked surface. Your space will be uncommonly tranquil, and you will feel the difference.

Includes all of the items listed in the Standard Clean plus:

Whole House / Office:
+Move and dust under all furniture less than 50 pounds
+ Spot clean doors and molding
+ Clean exteriors of entry doors

Kitchens / Laundry Rooms:
+ Scour backsplash, countertop appliances, behind laundry machines where accessible, and outsides of laundry machines

+Deep soak and scrub toilet, tub, tile, sink, floor, and all affected surfaces
+Stain removers, abrasives, brushes and scrapers applied to stuck on items

Move In / Move Out / Ultra Deep Clean

Thorough, Consistent, Professional

Move In / Move Out / Ultra Deep Clean
30 Cents / Sq. Ft.

With this package, no stone will be left unturned.
It will be as close to, "you never lived there" short of a coat of paint.
Perfect for real estate agents, buyers, sellers, investors, contractors and renovation specialists.
NOTE: Dwelling must be empty of possessions.

Includes all of the items listed in our first two packages, plus:

Whole House / Office:
+ Spot clean all walls and baseboards

+ Scour insides and outsides of all kitchen, laundry and bathroom appliances

+ Move and clean under refrigerator, dishwasher, laundry machines, and other appliances within reason
+ Polish interior surfaces of all exterior windows that can be reached without ladders
+ Disinfect and spot check inside every cabinet and drawer, on every surface, flat shelf, and closet rack
+ Sweep patios, porches and garages

Add On Services / Exceptions

Scale Your Job To Suit Your Needs

Any of these items can be negotiated onto our existing packages, or taken alone. Minimum $60 package.
We are flexible and negotiable on most any need.

Add On Services

+ Inside of a stove, laundry machine, or refrigerator $30-50
+ Inside of a fireplace $20
+ Behind books on 1 bookshelf $20
+ Sweeping one exterior space $20
+ Polishing any furniture item $10
+ Vacuuming a carpeted stair case $10
+ Spot wipe one interior door $5
+ Spot wipe one exterior door $10
+ Spot wipe one set of blinds $20
+ Organizing available by the job

Things we DO NOT DO:

- Dispose of animal or human waste or bodily fluids (Please remove your cat pan from any surface you wish to be thoroughly disinfected, vacuumed or mopped)
- Move or lift items of value over $100
- Lift items over 30 pounds
- Move items over 50 pounds
- Any job requiring a ladder or stool. For liability, we keep our feet on the ground (extension poles employed for vaulted ceilings)
- Cleaning electronics, except dusting
- Exterior windows or walls
- Care of children, elders or pets on site


"Two thumbs up. If you’re in need of an honest, professional, and reliable cleaning service, then look no further than Empower Clean. I’ve relied on the service providers from Empower Clean on numerous occasions, and have yet to be disappointed.”

Sandy Williams


With our 100% make it right guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Please give us a call, for an easy ballpark estimate by phone.

Onsite, free, precision estimates available M-F, 9a-8p.


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